§NewsRelease of Level-2 data files of ERG satellite  >>>more 2018-08-10
§NewsUpdate Instrument Data Format  >>>more 2018-05-29
§NewsLEPe L2 Provisional CDF open to access  >>>more 2018-01-15
§BibliographyLEP-e PI Team published the instrument paper in EPS (SCI journal)   >>>more 2017-12-11
§Colloquium"Two types of asymmetries of field –aligned currents distribution in polar ionosphere and of magnetosphere –ionosphere feedbacks during the substorm expansion phase" (Prof. Vladimir Mishin, Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Russia)  >>>more 2017-11-27
§NewsThe 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop bring to a successful close

§NewsThe 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop Registration is now available  >>>more 2017-06-29
§NewsData Update and a new plot function for ERG orbit  >>>more 2017-04-20
§ColloquiumPractical class, BOUT++ ELM simulations (Prof. Ben Dudson, University of York, UK)  >>>more 2017-04-17
§BibliographySCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Traditional Chinese Edition  >>>more 2017-03-01
§AwardAcademician Paul Ho receives Humboldt Research Award  >>>more 2016-12-21