§PublicationsNew Finding on auroral electron acceleration: The acceleration region extends to unexpectedly high altitudes  >>>more 2021-01-19
§NewsPlease join us to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Arase satellite on December 20, 2020. The satellite has been in great shape and will observe further geospace storms during cycle 25. 2020-12-20
§NewsAnnouncement of HEP Level-3 CDF files  >>>more 2020-09-14
§NewsAn update on rules of the road  >>>more 2020-07-08
§News2020 ERG Science and Space Weather Workshop (2020/01/13~2020/01/15)  >>>more 2019-12-01
§PublicationsThe SPEDAS first paper on Space Science Reviews  >>>more 2019-02-25
§NewsTaiwan ERG Data Center website will be unavailable because of system maintenance, from Feb. 16 to Feb. 17. 2019-02-15
§NewsAn update on part_products library  >>>more 2019-01-12
§NewsRelease of Level-2 data files of ERG satellite  >>>more 2018-08-10
§NewsUpdate Instrument Data Format  >>>more 2018-05-29
§NewsLEPe L2 Provisional CDF open to access  >>>more 2018-01-15
§PublicationsLEP-e PI Team published the instrument paper in EPS (SCI journal)   >>>more 2017-12-11
§Colloquium"Two types of asymmetries of field –aligned currents distribution in polar ionosphere and of magnetosphere –ionosphere feedbacks during the substorm expansion phase" (Prof. Vladimir Mishin, Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Russia)  >>>more 2017-11-27
§NewsThe 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop bring to a successful close

§NewsThe 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop Registration is now available  >>>more 2017-06-29
§NewsData Update and a new plot function for ERG orbit  >>>more 2017-04-20
§ColloquiumPractical class, BOUT++ ELM simulations (Prof. Ben Dudson, University of York, UK)  >>>more 2017-04-17
§PublicationsSCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Traditional Chinese Edition  >>>more 2017-03-01
§AwardAcademician Paul Ho receives Humboldt Research Award  >>>more 2016-12-21