†  An update on part_products library

  • This is to announce that an important modification (see (1) below for the details) has been made for the part_products library for Arase particle data. In particular, the present update could affect results of angular distributions of particle flux calculated with part_products. It is highly recommended to update the ERG-SC plug-in to the latest one (the r607_2019-01-08 version or newer).

    (1) Implementing "no_ang_weighting" option A new option "no_ang_weighting" has been implemented for erg_???_part_products to suppress smoothing in solid angle space of particle flux. As reported in the last ERG operation meeting (@ISAS) on December 20, 2018, the current version of erg_???_part_products automatically weighted-averages particle flux values over ~10-20 degrees in solid angle, providing a much smoothed angular distribution. The new option allows the users to intentionally turn off the smoothing. A simple usage of the option is as shown below.

    (For pitch-angle spectra of MEP-e flux data, for example)

    IDL> erg_mep_part_products, 'erg_mepe_l2_3dflux_FEDU', $
              mag_name='erg_mgf_l2_mag_8sec_dsi', $
              pos_name='erg_orb_l2_pos_gse', $
              outputs='pa', energy=[10000.,20000.], /no_ang_weighting

    Please contact ERG Science Center (E-mail: ergsc-help@isee.nagoya-u.ac.jp) if you have questions with regard to the above.

    ERG Science Center

  • Last Modify:2019/01/12